Concert Live recording to be reissued

A while ago I reported that the Concert Live recording of Roisin's 19/11 gig in Brussels did not include the songs Dear Miami, Movie Star, Pandora, Overpowered, and Ramalama (Bang Bang).

After some speculation about the songs being future b-sides, it now appears an error was made and that the songs should have been included on the set.

The following messages was posted on Roisin's official MySpace:

Some of you who have been to the live shows may have noted that the live tour CD was missing a few tracks from the set. As such, Concert Live are going to re-issue it to those who have purchased copies. The new CDs will be sent out to you free of charge and will contain ALL the content from the recent live shows.

If you have got a live CD set already and would like to register to have a new one sent out, please contact Concert Live directly so they can arrange for your replacement to be sent to you.

If you log onto their website at www.concertlive.co.uk and follow the contact link, you can send a message to their customer services who will respond and let you know when to expect your new CDs.


Vicky said...

Just got mine yesterday and its marvelous!!!

Giuseppe said...

Got mine 1 hour ago: I'm just trembling!!! Roisin, I love you!!!

Anonymous said...

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