Deeply, subtly wonderful

For better or worse, we all change our mind sometimes...

How many songs are released in the UK each year? 25 million? Perhaps that a slight exaggeration, but it certainly feels like it sometimes and it's particularly difficult to have an opinion on all of them.

Most songs are plain alright, neither offensive nor life-changing, but as a reviewer you are sometimes forced to yay or nay about a track you'd be happy to pass no judgement on whatsoever. And when this happens, well, sometimes you get things wrong.

I judged Overpowered by ex-Moloko frontwoman Roisin Murphy to have "possibly the best use of synth a pop song has had for a very long time" but, at base, just "yet another attempt at post-trip-hop subtlety that's (sadly) likely to be consigned to background listening only". I was wrong: This song is deeply, subtly wonderful. Given a bit of time and repeated listening, you start to notice how Murphy's explanation of love as a scientific reaction beyond rational control is carefully enhanced by the sultry arch of her voice and her economical lyrics ("my data, your data") which culminate in the statement: "When I think I'm over you, I'm overpowered". Roisin, consider yourself un-dismissed.

From scenta.co.uk/Guardian Unlimited

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