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Poor Roisin Murphy nearly didn't make it. About a month ago, onstage in Moscow, the Arklow chanteuse banged into a chair and sustained severe damage to her eye socket.

Most of her European tour had to be pulled, but thankfully Murphy recovered just in time for this homecoming lap.

Roisin arrives onstage early, to kick-off a two hour extravaganza showcasing her dazzling new album 'Overpowered'. She opens with the pulverising pop house of 'Cry Baby', a track taking the dancefloors of the world by storm courtesy of a Paul Oakenfold remix.

Naturally, Roisin looks fabulous, layering a different look for each song and using a vast array of cloaks, capes, gloves and hats.

The slinky electro disco glides on, peaking with 'Movie Star', 'Primitive' and the beautiful 'Dear Miami'. Roisin doesn't talk to the crowd much, apart from a heartfelt and brief "nice to be home" speech and to dedicate a song to her proud mother and father, who are both watching from the balcony.

She remains focused on delivering an eclectic and electrifying live show while reminding us just how good her husky voice is.

Murphy has already been touted as a leading contender to scoop the 'Choice Music Prize' next February. It's an accolade she richly deserves, as no other Irish band or artist has matched her talents in 2007. 'Overpowered' has also been hailed as a dance pop masterpiece in the UK and US and her music is definitely our coolest export in recent times.

Fans of her former band, Moloko, are rewarded with a new rendition of 'Forever More', a song not as familiar as the 1999 hit 'Sing It Back', but certainly one of their best. Since the demise of Moloko, Roisin Murphy has really come into her own, stunningly becoming Ireland's premier pop star in the process.

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