Roisin on the radio

Roisin was a guest on Jools Holland's BBC radio show last night. She performed an accoustic version of the song Scarlet Ribbons, a tribute to her father. If you've missed the show, you can listen online here.


Vicky said...

Just listened to this. What a beautiful story behind Scarlet Ribbons.

a. said...

me too. what a lovely, lovely story.

how incredibly sweet.

Anonymous said...

hey there bloggers and Roisin fans...
Friday 14 Dec. saw her live in Barcelona
and it was theeeeeeeeeeee best concert EVER!!
sound quality band music dancing clothes

and the crowd was ALIVE and Kicking!!!
thanx .xxx.xxx.xxx


x-tanis said...

i sent a couple of pictures of the barcelona show to the owner of the blog, hopefully he'll put them here.

barcelona show was for me the funniest show ever, she has a very intelligent sense of humor and she's an amazing entertainer

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