Hear, hear!

Maybe it's about time EMI did some marketing and Roisin did some touring in the US. This is The Best Music of 2007, as chosen by Reasonoids:

I don't like to bitch about this or that musician not getting the fame they deserve, but I don't understand how Roisin Murphy hasn't broken through stateside. She writes hooky electro-pop at least as catchy as anything by Gwen Stefani or Rihanna or Robyn, but with smart-assed, Stephin Merrit-style lyrics. From this album's title track:

As science struggles on to try to explain
Oxytocin's flowing ever into my brain

So there's that, there's her Alison Moyet-on-a-diet voice, there's her stunning good looks, and her willingess to obscure said looks by dressing like an insect or an opera clown. For this record she put some of her quirks on the shelf and hired pure pop producers who supply shockingly catchy dance track after shockingly catchy dance track, in a plenitude of styles: I didn't know electro-glam existed, but that's what "Movie Star" is.


OCB said...

Not to sound like a dick, but DUH!!!!!!

I've been saying Roisin is prime US star material for years - and with Simon working with Kanye on his tour, the stage, as they say, is set for her arrival........

dgraysn@yahoo.com said...

im ready to grab tickets as soon as a show is announced in NYC. will the album be released here in the US? I d/l for free, then bought the 7 digital d/l on the day of release. I just ordered the cd and singles from Amazon UK.ive been spreading the word here about the album

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