Create your own Overpowered remix!

You can now create and record your own remix of Roisin's song Overpowered! Visit www.becks.co.uk/mixer to have a go at being a DJ.

When you've created your exclusive Overpowered remix please name it and paste the URL of the mix (that is, just the URL and not the complete embedding code) in a comment to this post. That way other Roisin devotees can check it out!


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is cool. I know how I'll be spending my Friday night ;)

Anonymous said...

how do u keep them for yourself in mp3?

Anonymous said...

yes it would be easier to have the loops :)))

Anonymous said...

He he, it looks fun.

A anonymous: i'm using "Jet Audio", a free sofware that allowed you to record the sound of your soundcard in wav. format. After, you can convert it in mp3 with any free software, like "dbPoweramp".

Anonymous said...

whats the soundcard? lol

Anonymous said...

Okaaay..the soundcard is the part of your computer that produce...the sound. Jet Audio will record every sound you will ear through your computer. It's like a virtual recorder. Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

whoops, i posted this in the shoutbox. D: oh well, here it is


I call it "Jeff's In The Attic Mix"

- StrongBadinater

Anonymous said...

What an awesome mixer!


Anonymous said...


hope u like it :)))

Marianne said...

Hey! Was really fun:) http://www.becks.co.uk/mixer.aspx?guid=1dec84ac-c4c2-4cfd-9189-7d030be44af7

majalex said...


I love this site! thank you so much.

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