London Fashion Week

The wonderful Betty sent me some more pictures of Roisin at London Fashion week. Enjoy!

> At the LUELLA fashion show yesterday.

> Attending the Jaeger show, also yesterday.


Anonymous said...

I'll be shocked if she's not already or will be someone's muse soon.

TurtleGirl said...

for the time being, she will be my muse till the day i die,she's gorgeous O.O

Anonymous said...

On the first picture, she looks like a child in a toy store :)


t5m said...

Have a look at the London Fashion Week channel on http://www.t5m.com/london-fashion-week , with some great fashion coverage. We have just finished filming at London Fashion Week and have some inspiring exclusive videos on our site. We have footage of all the catwalk shows and backstage interviews with the designers. The runway shows and interviews with the celebrities are on there too.

Anonymous said...

Last pic of Roisin is her the On|Off party not fashion show