FashionNewsLife interview

An interview with Roisin at the Rubin Singer show in New York, courtesy of FashionNewsLife.


a. said...

uhh, that was way too awkward.

bad interviewer.



Metellus said...

I hope she was about to farewell-kiss him...he really lent over like "you just must kiss me hunky one!"

oi *giggle*

Anonymous said...

the guy's pathetic.

TurtleGirl said...

he speaks too loud,my speakers were shaking when he was laughing!

'Hello!' hahaha :)

Anonymous said...

get your hand and lips off her right this minute mr! yes, bad interviewer.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone else hear seaguls in the backgroud?

Anonymous said...

Do these TV interviewers ever read newspapers or magazines? I mean there is no excuse...Roisin's been in amazing chats with the Telegraph, the Guardian, Flare, Out and a few other key publications. Do some research!