London Fashion Week III

Besides walking the catwalk at Naomi Campbell's charity show, Roisin also attended a few other events in town yesterday.

> Attending the House of Holland show at the Bloomsbury Ballroom.

> Roisin on her way to Trannyshack in the Soho Revue Bar, where my friend Enrique spotted her on the dancefloor at 2 o'clock this morning.

As always, thanks to Betty for today's pictures.


Anonymous said...

One of her best outfits this month!

*looking forward to see her in Belgium in November*

a. said...

her sunnies are amazing!

she looks lovely.


Anonymous said...

I know that Roisin (and probably some readers)is going to kill me if she ever read this, but i consider fashion much less important than music. I always have found this world so superficial and elitist.

Okay, we have seen a lot of pretty pictures with nice outfits, but now, it's time to talk music again.