Girl of the Month

Fashion site WhoWhatWear.com has chosen Roisin as their Girl of the Month:

While making our daily rounds on the various photo agencies, we found ourselves captivated by the inventive outfit combinations worn by Irish singer/songwriter, Roisin Murphy. Though she may not be a familiar face to our non-UK readers, we suspect you will soon understand our latest fixation with this woman's whimsical flair and marvelous talent. Always unpredictable, Murphy is a total chameleon, channeling a sailor from the forties one day and then a fanciful magician the next (her top hat is a signature piece). Such outfit theatrics would be ruinous in lesser hands, but somehow our GOTM is always able to defy the Murphy’s Law of fashion (everything that could possibly go right, does)!

In order to best appeal to you, dear readers, we insist that the ladies we feature on WhoWhatWear.com are of a certain caliber, so you'll be happy to know that our October GOTM is not only fashionably inclined, but musically-equipped, as well! Murphy began her career as the front woman for Moloko and rose to fame with Eurotastic dance hits like "Bring It Back," a hyper popular track with the Ibiza club scenesters, circa 1999. (Full disclosure: At least one WhoWhatWear.com editor is obsessed with this song for its ability to recall a summer abroad.) Currently, Murphy is enjoying much success as a solo artist. You might have heard her electronic dance sounds on Grey's Anatomy's Season One Soundtrack, or listened to her cover of Bryan Ferry's song, "Slave to Love," in the television campaign for the recently launched Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme fragrance. Her songs are as topsy-turvy as her wardrobe, with each one more imaginative than the next. We are particularly partial to her hat collection, mustard yellow booties, and the untraditional silhouettes she pulls of with smashing élan. Clearly, Murphy's got creativity and personality to burn, so it's no wonder that her stage costumes are designed by fashion heavyweights like Viktor & Rolf, Gareth Pugh, and Givenchy.

In terms of personal taste, Murphy favors original looks and fearlessly commits to bold outfits, like the head-to-toe Givenchy ensemble (including Up the Leg Gladiator Sandal ($1775)) she wore to Elle's Style Awards earlier this year. More recently she thrilled us with her clothing choices for the New York and London Fashion Weeks. In New York, she showed her devotion to Anna Sui by wearing a runway look from the designer's Fall 2008 collection to Sui's S/S 09 Show. Emulate the look with Anna Sui's Border Print Silk Dressicon ($475) and Look From London's Innocent Floral Tights ($17). Back in the UK, Murphy pulled out some of her most fantastical clothing confections yet. We adored the avant-garde cropped Gemma Slack jacket she wore to the Luella show—the black exaggerated shoulders are a thrill. Equally excellent was her ensemble for the Topshop show: a crisp white Charles Anastase jacket and pants, YSL's Y-Mail Tote, and tasteful Chanel heels. All in all, she’s a wonderful one to watch and a total breath of fresh air. —Jessica Amento

Event Pictures, from left:
London Fashion Week, Topshop show
New York Fashion Week, THREEasFOUR show
London Fashion Week, Luella show
New York Fashion Week, Anna Sui show
Elle Style Awards in London

Thanks to Pilar!


Violatrix said...

OMG I hate it when they get that song name wrong...it's NOT "Bring It Back!"



a. said...

i was just about to tell you about this, cheers to pilar for getting here before me ;]

i couldnt help but cringe reading the text, its like they were hearing about her for the first time.


Anonymous said...

I've got to agree that Gemma Slack jacket is fab!

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