Brussels last night

Roisin gave a spectacular show in Brussels last night, which was recorded for online viewing. For some reason she always seems in her element when performing in Belgium.

Pictures courtesy of Pieter Morlion.


Anonymous said...

I was in Brussels yesterday evening, and i've felt in love again! I was in the 2nd row this time, so i could take some pictures.

The show was a pure wonder; i really liked the new set list and the different moods (electric, sometimes nearly acoustic and sometimes experimental). I usually don't care too much about her outfits, but this time I must admit that some were really beautiful.

The dream came's true at the end of the show: I've carry her upon the crowd! You should have seen the faces of the security members; they were not prepared to this! Fortunately, I was :)


Anonymous said...

hey, where can I see it??

chandoo said...

how many people were there?

Stijn said...

I was there too! And I have to agree with Michel, it was an amazing show, with those different styles.
To answer "chandoo", I can say that the place was full of people, but I cannot say how many.

Anonymous said...

did they really film the show?

a. said...

two of my dearest friends were there front row saying the cameras were in their faces all night.

i cant wait to see it all for myself!


Anonymous said...

@ anonymous bellow me, here's my little contribution:http://www.new.facebook.com/photo_search.php?page=8&oid=5979542157&aid=-1&auser=&view=all#/photo.php?pid=30149871&op=11&o=all&view=all&subj=5979542157&aid=-1&oid=5979542157&id=1424269719


Glenn said...

I was there in the front row, checking up on Róisín with L and being checked out by the grand lady herself as well, hahaha!

It was so fabulous, we had such a great night, dancing away and surrendering to her wonderful madness ... Ro was in top form, dancewise, vocalwise and crowdsurfwise!

Hopefully it'll be online soon, can't wait to relive it again. And again. And again. ;)