Frock Me

Speaking of frocks (see previous post), on Sunday Roisin appeared on Channel 4's fashion program Frock Me to 'discuss her unique looks and take on the subject of Anti Fashion'.

Click here to watch the show online.


Anonymous said...

"You need to be within the UK or the Republic of Ireland to watch Channel 4 programmes"

Well, that's quite unfair for the rest of the world! :-(

mexcreel said...

I agree, it´s very unfair ;/

saintsand said...

I can't watch that 'cos I'm not from UK.
that's not fair ;c
i think tha another countries would like to watch that 2.

a. said...

hehe, exactly. i would think if it were online to begin with that it should for sure be available to the rest of the world.

perhaps someone will be kind enough to upload the clip to youtube...



Tom McLouglin said...

I heard that Moloko song on tv in an advert and using one line "the time is right" tried to get it on YouTube. No go. Tried "time is right" and sure enough. Great song no doubt.

So then I noticed the germanic looks and the paddy name. That's an echo.

She's a bit of a noughties version of Laurie Anderson isn't she. Very attractive I reckon. I don't go to wild concerts but I do enjoy wild lands like the images at the end of the clip on YouTube for that big hit. Viking genetics probably, in the diaspora here too.

Tom McLoughlin said...

Err I should have said "time is now" got me to the YouTube listing.

a. said...

could you maybe post up some screencaps...please?