HMH Amsterdam

Roisin took to the stage in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam last night. The picture above was taken by Dennis Stempher.

Check out this video for all the evening's highlights...


Anonymous said...

She played an interesting setlist, but it didn`t work that well in Amsterdam last friday. She asked a lot from the crowd, which was quite big and not very well known with all her (past) work.
I think she wanted to win the crowd with first song Overpowered. I think it wasn`t enough. A long period of slower songs in a small setting followed. They even pulled the curtain to close off the stage halfway.
I really missed Forever More in the Francois K version like she did earlier this year in Holland. I think the setlist was out of balance, especially for this crowd.
Last two gigs in Holland, Paradiso and Lowlands, were very intense and at times, she took the roof off the place/tent. Not this time.

lance said...

i have to disagree with mr./ms. Anonymous!!!!1
It was a great performance..and the setlist was just perfect....alot of fans (like myself) have been waiting for her to play songs from the old moloko albums and other songs from ruby blue (besides ramalama bangbang,sow into you and ruby blue!)it was very refreshing....
i was to her conocert at lowlands and the one in groningen oosterport and i must say eventhough they were great,they did not compare to this one!
(but i guess that is a personal opinion !!)
(her last two gigs before this one btw were pinkpop and lowlands...and before that it was in groningen...paradiso is quite a while ago!!!!)

i guess this concert in hmh was for the original fans of roisin and moloko...
i enjoyed it=)
(im the big ball of curly hair in the front =P)

...p.s.:one thing i did miss though, was the love and passion that she did put in the track tell everybody,when she was at lowlands!
that was amazing!