Some word from Tennessee

The List has written a report of Jack Daniel's JD Set in Lynchburg, Tennessee, of which Roisin was part:

Roisin Murphy noted the lack of preparation time, saying of the 90 minutes to rehearse seven songs that "it's going to be seat of your pants business but we're all old pros now. Usually my thing is more rehearsed and plotted out and has to have all these different edges to it so that takes a bit longer than just to go and rock it out."

But she didn't skimp on the prep this time with a set list of woozy lounge numbers spanning Moloko tracks to *3The Wire*2 theme song, 'Where is the What'. Her own 'Through Time' and 'Scarlet Ribbons' joined Bryan Ferry’s 'Slave to Love', Tom Waits’ 'Down in the Hole' and ‘Baby I'm Scared of You’ by Womack & Womack.

Talking about the attraction of the project, she cites the draws to be "the musicians that are involved and the experience that that brings for me and the confidence that maybe I'll get from doing something like this." And, no doubt, the chance to sing 'Peaches' with Hugh Cornwell.

Picture courtesy of livvylovesmusic.

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