Zoo interview

Here it is, the Miss Murphy interview from the previous edition of Zoo Magazine. Enjoy!


a. said...

ohmygoodness, thank you so much.

i saw it in the bookstore once & sadly that had to be the time i had absolutely no money to spend on a 20$ magazine & i havent seen it back since.

ive still got to get my hands on it though, that editorial was absolutely stunning. & so inspirational.


Anonymous said...

@a: 20$???? I bought it for 5 euros. Give me your address, i will send you one.

a. said...

ahh, yes. im sure its the currancy conversion thing thats doing it...haha, really?

thats so nice of you :]

a. said...

email me!

Metellus said...

yeah I bought it just last week on monday when we suprisingly had a day off because the heating of the schoolbuilding was out of order :D
5€ exactly

the photos are sort of relaxing, I am glad roisin did no glamorous thingys.

and gareth pugh had a little page in there to :)