Moloko memories 1998

Blog reader Baz has sent me another set of never seen before pictures of Roisin on stage in Liverpool in 1998. Baz vividly remembers the night in The Lomax...

> Baz: This is one I remember taking... and it wasn't quite the photo I wanted to get either! It was my attempt to snap Roisin when she smiled.

During the songs she'd be mean and moody yet as soon as each song ended and the audience cheered, her face would light up as she'd smile, acknowledging the applause. I pressed the button on my camera a split second too late as she dropped the smile, yet at the same time, it does make for an interesting photo of Roisin... there's a really sweet demure quality in her eyes.

> Baz: This photo is interesting in that you can see Mark in the background enjoying a midset ciggie and you can see his entire keyboard stack... which Roisin later sent toppling over during the encore!

It was interesting how by the 2003 tour he was on Bass whereas back in 1998, he shared keyboard duties with Eddie. It's also a nice near full profile of Roisin capturing her long black leather skirt she wore that night.

Now, Roisin's shows are very extravagant with multiple costume changes whilst back in 1998, things were very different and much more basic so she wore the one costume for the entire gig. It is worth pointing out again that the top she was wearing was amazing at the time. Thanks to the flash, you cannot see that the blue pads on her chest was an ongoing luminous digital counter that ticked away throughout the entire show.

> Baz: It's interesting to compare and contrast these archive pics with modern day ones. Roisin even in her mid 20's was extremely photogenic and stunningly beautiful!

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Anonymous said...

More, more pictures like these. She was so cute (she still is)!

a. said...

i was only 8 when these were taken. wow.

it seems like forever ago.

her hair! im not too sure i like it...hehe


Baz said...

I wasn't too sure about the hair either at first! Was the very first time I'd seen her blonde so was a surprise and a shock at the time, but once used to it (ie - the second song!) I thought it was cool!

It certainly does feel like a long time ago... hard to believe it's ten years now.

Anonymous said...

She has such a lively face, all the whims of a girl can have while one evening.

Anonymous said...

@ "a": you're lucky, I was 38! Michel

Anonymous said...

I wish I was there